Eurobinia is involved – with reasonable efforts – in creating a healthy future for our environment. That’s why it saddens us that presently we cannot yet avoid lorry transportation despite our intensive endeavours – and so we pollute the environment through emissions.

Therefore we want to readdress these emissions together with our customers. We’ve determined the CO2-load generated by eurobinia over all tonne-kilometres (tonnage x km) of our lorries in the year 2008 and we’ve divided it by the number of our transportations and partial transportations. This resulted in a sum of 23 € per transportation (at 36 €/t CO2 compensation costs) that we charge additionally on each customer invoice. Eurobinia tops it all with the same amount; because our lorries pollute the environment, not only with CO2 but also through further emissions like e.g. respirable dust, soot and abrasion. We don’t want to hide this fact and we take responsibility for it.

This way in the year 2009, we were able to invest an amount of 3700 € into our environment. The money flows primarily into CDM Gold Standard CO2 compensation projects. But due to cost reasons, almost all European emissions are still compensated in the tropics; therefore we would like to launch by year 2011 our own forest project, in order to compensate for our emissions exactly there where we pollute the environment – here in Central Europe.

By the way: we satisfy our demand for sustainability even in our everyday work, of course. We’ve radically reduced our printer and paper usage and consistently replaced the lamps with LEDs. The power supply of our office comes from a solar power system, the heat is produced by a wood gas generator. We obtain the purchased electricity from EWS Schönau. The people who once prevented the Wyhl nuclear power plant, are now one of the most consistent green electricity providers in the country.