As long as shape and available dimensions allow, black locust is a versatile applicable wood species due to its properties (strength, workability, stability, natural resistance).

For outdoor application black locust is qualified for general construction wood (in case of larger dimensions it is glued), for ground care and landscaping, for playground equipment as well as for vehicle construction, doors and windows, gates and fences and terraces.

For indoor application black locust can be used for stairs, parquet as well as furniture. Due to its high dynamic strength it is qualified especially for high quality tool shafts as well as for gymnastic and sports equipment. Similar to ash and beech, black locust is notably suitable for bending wood.

Moreover, black locust is used for fences and poles in farming, winegrowing and orchards. Still today it can sometimes be found in traditional industries like wheelwright’s workshops (production of wheels, wagons and farming equipment) and as mine timber in mining.

Generally, black locust can also be applied in veneer production. However, due to the low availability of high quality logs it cannot be found often. A large share of small dimension black locust timber is not applicable for other purposes. Thus, in Hungary mainly, black locust is used as raw material for pulp- and paper industries, particle- and fibreboards and firewood.